The Eventuals of Life

What are “The Eventuals” of life? Well, they are things that you are likely to I experience in your lifetime.

Things such as…

…eventually you will become an Advocate for someone you love. They will need you to speak for them and act on their behalf. You will be their rock so they can focus on what they need to.

…eventually you may be a Care Giver for someone you love – your spouse or partner, your parent, a close friend or other relative.

…eventually you or someone you know will be diagnosed with a “Terminal Illness” and you will have to come to terms with this and move through it.

…eventually someone you love will experience a Crisis and you will rush to their bedside and help them through it.

…eventually someone you love will Pass Away and you will be left behind to figure out how to move forward without them and how to finish up the business end of things for them and their estate.

…eventually someone you love will need to consider other options than staying in their own home  (a.k.a. Transitioning) because it just isn’t safe or the right solution for them anymore.

…eventually, because of all of the aforementioned things, you will find that you have become "Sandwiched" between the life you were working on for yourself and the increasing needs of others that you care deeply for. You will need to try and find Balance and help so that everything can be accomplished and you can maintain as much sanity through the process as possible.

These are the things that I help with. These are “The Eventuals of Life


When you want legal advice, you contact an attorney. When you want financial advice, you contact a financial advisor. When you want help with The Eventuals of Life, you contact me. It’s what I do and I’m pretty darn good at it, if I do say so myself!

 The Benefits for You:

You will have the comfort to know that it will be okay, you can do this and you will.

You will have things you can focus your energy and attention on so that you do have a sense of control among the uncontrollable.

You will get through all of this successfully and easily because you have someone on your side to help.

You will have someone to guide you and encourage you...

...To cheer you on

...To find things to laugh about

...To cry with you when you need it; and

...To snap you back into action land when necessary.

 You will have less stress

You will find balance, confidence and serenity

You will develop the courage to ask for the help you need and deserve

You will transform yourself and your quality of life

You will have better relationships with those you love

You will have no regrets

You will be able to face challenges and transitions from a place of peace and ease rather than stress, discomfort and agony.

It is my goal to help you on the journeys that none of us want to go on, but all of us do end up experiencing somewhere along the way…The Eventuals of Life.

 They do not have to be so scary and uncomfortable. Let me help you navigate these waters and reach that beautiful sunshiny beach on the other side! It is possible and we will get there together.

The Eventuals Of Life Card