"Donna Deos is a gift."

"She is the right person to sooth the situation with her warmth, patience, experience and knowledge. I was fortunate to meet Donna when I was entering the point of decision making about my own future, before my children needed to.  She listened deeply to my thoughts and concerns. I could be open and direct and she was equally as clear and honest in what she responses and the information she provided for me.  Donna is the reason I made the decisions I did, and they have proved to be some of the best decisions I’ve made. I’m so grateful to her.


I know Donna always has in her mind the best interests of the person she’s working with and she sees it through. As I moved forward with my new plans they required significant life changes and I had doubts and concerns along the way.  Donna was always there, ready to listen find more information, check on issues I raised, whatever I needed to be fully informed and in a better place with the issues at hand.  Her bottom line concern was for me, that I would have the fullest life opportunities that worked best for me.  I’m so glad Donna has branched out through her LLC.  Now she is available to all in need of guidance as they reach the tough places that come with aging.  I want to encourage anyone facing the quandaries of what’s next as our years roll up and our options change whether for yourself or for a family member, reach out to Donna. You’ll be so glad you did."

- Janet Zeller

Thank you Donna Deos

Our parents had brought up the topic of downsizing and possible ‘next chapters’ for 15 + years.  Various materials on retirement planning/independent living environments etc continued to gather dust or find their way to the recycle.  We, as a family, were guilty of the ‘not now’ syndrome.  All the usual excuses – not a fun topic, there’d be plenty of time,  Mums  and Dad are fine, let’s focus on living today, etc.  etc.  etc.

Then came Dad’s stroke while they were out-of-state.  Everything changed overnight.  A reactive fire drill.  So many questions.  Could they still live at home?  Was it safe?  If not, where?  What/Where/Who were our resources?  Costs?  What could we afford?  Did we have a choice?  Were their affairs in order?  What exactly were their affairs?  Would they still qualify for admittance in any of the independent living communities they had considered?  Who decides what when?  What was the right order of decision-making?  Were we, their children, clear on their wishes, nevermind their options?  Could we work together as their needs/priorities/key decisions unfolded?  All overwhelming to navigate against the backdrop of a major medical event.

Donna methodically walked us through Plan A, Plan B, Plan C, Plan D etc as we determined our options.  Calm.  Capable.  Compassionate.  She held our hands and guided us through this foreign landscape of applications, medical considerations, insurance considerations, financial minutiae, legal clarifications….it was a maze we could so easily have gotten lost in.  Donna saved our family valuable time, minimized tensions in the family and consistently found the ways to stay on task with our goal to secure the best environment for Mums and Dad.  We had a saying – ‘let go and let Donna’.  She didn’t make decisions for us, she just shed light on the options and ways forward.  We are forever grateful.

Next chapters are challenging discussions.  None of us want to look too closely at the aging process especially with our parents.  Two years post stroke, our family is very glad for the options that were presented and the decisions that we, as a family, put in place.  Our parents are safe, warm, know they matter, know they are loved and know they have a safety net.  The emphasis continues to be on living.

 - Debby in Colorado


I felt better the moment donna walked in my house...

Donna has such a calming presence, I immediately felt better the moment she walked in my house. I knew that everything would be okay. She put me at ease from the very first moment and my husband loved her too. 

- Donna in NH