1.  What exactly is a “Spiritual Teacher & Transitions Specialist”?

Let me take this one in reverse, I think it’ll make more sense that way.

Transitions Specialist:

Life hands us many transitions, such as when your loved one goes to the hospital and you become an advocate for them. You have transitioned from one role into another. This series of changes (transitions) continue to happen all throughout your life.

A new job transitions you into a new role. A new home transitions you into a new place in which to settle and become comfortable in.

New roles and situations transition us into becoming different, and hopefully stronger and more competent, people. I specialize in helping people with the transitions they face so they can meet them head on, embrace them, and make the most of their new situation.

Spiritual Teacher:

As you transform your life, you need to look within and discover who you really are, what you are really made of and all that you are capable of. You develop, change and grow.

Who we are within is who we are in spirit… hence, the term, “Spiritual Teacher.”  

I help you find that inner person and become all that you are meant to be – and most often, you don’t even realize it is happening! One day you just look back and are pleasantly surprised by the beautiful butterfly you’ve become.

In short, life hands us a lot to deal with. I help you work through that for a positive and happy result for all.

2.  What does the term "sandwiched" mean?

Sandwiched means to be put between. In our usage of it we are referring to when adults get sandwiched between raising their families and caring for their aging loved ones. 

They are put between the proverbial "rock and a hard place" of caring for everyone. They are also "spread thin" in trying to do so!