For the Seniors Themselves…

One of my favorite seniors - my Mom!

One of my favorite seniors - my Mom!

Hello, one of my most special and favorite groups of people. I have spent my lifetime enjoying your stories, your strength and your wisdom. Thank you for sharing those with me. You are truly remarkable and it has been my pleasure to have worked with so many of you amazing people throughout my career so far.

Yes, I’m one of those odd people who has always valued our seniors and the lives you have lead, the things you have learned, the wisdom you have to share when people are able to listen.

I’d like to apologize to you for all of the people who have not taken the time to listen and instead have ignored the gifts and lifelong wisdom you have to offer us. Shame on them! They are the ones missing out.

Okay, that is not really the point of this page though. It just had to be said.

What I want you to know here is that I realize you are facing many changes. I also realize you want to maintain control and dignity throughout the process. I am here to help with that. I will help, we will help and we have connections to others who can help as well. Yes, we have the bases covered for you. All you have to do is want us to help.

My Amazing Friend Grace & I - Photo by Eric Anderson

My Amazing Friend Grace & I - Photo by Eric Anderson

Also, your wishes are valued. You need to know that what your children really want for you most is three things: for you to be happy, well cared for and safe. Gee, doesn’t that sound like what you have wanted for them all of their lives?! Well, yes, in a nut shell, that is what they want for you. It is sort of startling how very simple it all is, isn’t it?

So, when they act up and try to tell you what to do it is because they are worried about you. They really are trying to be helpful versus pushy and demanding. I know it doesn’t look and feel like that, but trust me. I have been doing this a long time and at the end of the day that is what it all boils down to.

I realize that doesn’t change the dynamic and stop you from pushing each other’s buttons. Don’t worry. I can help with that as well. Sometimes it just takes that neutral person to say the same thing someone else has been saying for years and all of a sudden the other person hears it for the first time.  Infuriating, I know.

At any rate, I want you to know, that if you would like my help I am happy to provide that. (Just click here how!) I have a wealth of information on various options you can look into. I can also help you determine which ones you may have already bypassed. Let’s face it, we do have a tendency to procrastinate and stay put too long. Then, before we know it, that wonderful independent living place we said we would go to “when we need it” (which by the way is the wrong thinking there too! You have to go there when you don’t need them. When you need help is when you need assisted living or more…) is now not an option because we need more help than they are able to provide.

I also realize many of you think staying in your own home is a good idea. I disagree, but that doesn’t mean I’m here trying to talk you out of it. If you’re determined that is what you want then I am willing to bet it is what you will end up doing. As a friend of mine says, “this is not my first rodeo.” You wouldn’t be the first extremely stubborn, head strong senior I’ve met. I lived with the Queen of that up until November 2014! Mom got what she wanted, and I lovingly caved in for her, much to my own dismay and disgruntlement, because that’s what we do when we look back at those 3 things that we want most for you.

Okay, if you would like to continue this conversation. I would love to do that. Like I have said before, I am here to help and I am happy to do so. I will honor your wishes to the best of my abilities. However, I do reserve the right to challenge your thinking from time to time. If that is okay by you then I think we will make a great team.

Here’s to us working together to find the right solutions for you and to helping your family get on board with them (if that’s what you want)! You’re in control here. I’m just along for the ride in the passenger’s seat, wind blowing through my hair as we cruise into your happily ever after.

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