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Let's face it, the number of employees working full time and caring for aging loved ones at home on the side is an ever increasing epidemic that affects us all. It tops the news frequently and yet there seem to be no solutions available - until now!

I am here to help!

Companies and businesses are always looking for ways to help their employees by being flexible and offering support services and training that help the employees find solutions to their problems so they can be more balanced and perform to their maximum while at work.

Distracted, tired and stressed out employees hinder your business and cost you money, stress and customer dissatisfaction. 

I offer programs and services geared toward helping your employees stay motivated and find ways to lessen the load of caring for their aging parents.

I would be happy to speak with you to see which of my offerings would work best for you and your employees. After all, happy employees are good employees.

If we have too much stress in any area of our lives, it will eventually pour over and affect other areas of our lives as well. So, let's work together to optimize your employees home lives so they can be happier and more productive employees for you and your customers!

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