Counseling, Coaching & Education

Donna is a Transitions Specialist on the spiritual, physical and emotional healing levels. She will provide you with peace of mind, comfort, control and ease.

She works with both the adult children who are trying to figure out how best to help their family and the seniors themselves facing a variety of transitions.

We find that people prefer to access help & information in a few different ways:

1. Find the information & execute it on their own (download and do a course on their own timing);

2. Join an online course so they have access to the teacher, can ask questions, learn from the other participants, and be part of a group; or

3. They want direct access to a live person who can guide them toward what makes the most sense for them and maybe even hold their hand through the process.

This is why this our offerings are set up so you can have any of the above.

Whatever your preference, we want you to have it that way. After all, our goal is to help you make your life easier!

Oh, and if you don't see a program that matches your needs right now, sign up for the initial consultation. It's likely the program is in process of being completed - a LOT of work (and loving care) goes into each course - but Donna can tell you what you need to know to get rolling on your own, headed in the right direction or she can walk you through it personally.

Here are the topics we can help with:



Death & Dying

Finding Balance in Your Life

Finding Things You Can Control

Grace Under Pressure

Grieving & Beyond

Lifestyle Changes

Spirituality & Finding Your Life Purpose

Transitioning Yourself or Your Loved One

Terminal Illness

Preparing for any or all of the above

All that comes after (and there is plenty that comes after!)

Consulting / Services:

To sign up for a one-on-one initial consultation with Donna, please click here:  Introductory Consultation. She'll guide you from there regarding what programs might best help you, or point you to more appropriate resources if that's a better fit. If you decide to hire her personally to be by your side, helping you through this with your own custom package, she'll talk with you about what will work best for you and give you the appropriate fee structure for your custom program.

Many clients, who prefer having live access to a real person on retainer to walk them through things, find that purchasing the "Guru in Your Pocket" package affords them access and flexibility that works well as this ever changing world brings us new things to conquer. Guru in your pocket lets you buy 12 hours of counseling or coaching and you can decide how you'd like to use it.  Click here to find out more. Guru In Your Pocket


For courses, you can visit the shop to find the ones that best suit your needs. We help you with everything from managing the crisis, advocacy, care giving, coping with terminal illness and impending death to their passing and all that comes after that. Yes, it doesn't just end there for most of us. There are homes, estates, and most importantly your grief and healing to take care of.

Current courses include:

The 3 Things You Need to Know Now

At $54, this program is an overall must have. Whether you are currently experiencing a crisis with your loved one, have recently experienced one, or just want to be ahead of the curve for the what if's this is a great starting point.

It's all about the documents you and your loved ones need to have in place for your life to run much more smoothly when crises' arise. [You can get it for free by signing up for the monthly newsletter. Click here to find out more.]



This is a 5 Week on-line webinar course presented periodically throughout the year. Check the events page and shop for more details. To do this, simply click the title of the course above.

In this course we tackle what is advocacy and how do we gain and use the skills necessary to be the best we can be at this for those we love. It is such an important job, advocating for our loved ones, that we owe it to ourselves as much as to them to get it right.

Bonus: we are in the process of making this available as a download. Stay tuned for that!


Another entry level course of helpful and relevant info to get you started on coping with all you now have on your plate, plus ways to get some of it onto someone else's plate! Another great buy at $100.

coming to terms with terminal illness

This is a 5 Week on-line webinar course presented periodically throughout the year. Check the events page and shop for more details. To do this, simply click the title of the course above.

This course tackles a subject we never want to have to learn and it gives you ways to make the most of the time you have left. No worries, no regrets, just love. 

Bonus: we are in the process of making this available as a download. Stay tuned for that!

transitioning your parent or loved onE

This is a 10 week on-line webinar course offered periodically throughout the year.  Check the events page and shop for more details. To do this, simply click the title of the course above.

Any change is difficult. Large, life changing transitions are very challenging, both tactically and more importantly emotionally. They require finesse, planning, research and guidance. There is so very much that goes into this, which is why this course is twice as long as most of our other offerings.


Coaching comes in all shapes and sizes and is really geared toward what works best for you. Right now you can sign up for a custom program, or you can grab the two-month personal coaching program.  

Either way, you have direct access to Donna and all of her expertise. She'll work with you one-on-one, getting you the results you want and need.

Let's face it, we always do our best when we have someone to hold us accountable, give us constructive feedback and stand with us through the process. That's what working with Donna will do for you. She'll help you formulate the best plan for you and then stand by your side, guiding you along the way.

Click here to see about the two-month personal program.

More to come...stay tuned! We are currently working on:


This is a self-study, downloadable video course.

"Grieving and all that comes after"

This will be a 6 week online webinar course.


This is a self-study, downloadable video course containing even more info regarding dealing with care giving and/or terminal illness while continuing to manage your own family, job and life situation.

We wish you all the best on your journey. Remember to take the time to feel what you need to and to find times to smile through the tears.



Please note that the opinions expressed in our programs and services are just that - opinions! (Based on real life experience, but opinions none the less.)

Donna Deos is neither a lawyer or a certified financial representative.

These programs and services do not include legal or financial advice.

We always recommend that you seek out a true legal or financial professional in your area, or that of your loved one, when seeking professional advice and recommendations.

Thank you.