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On occasion I write something that I set aside for another time - until Spirit moves me!  The following blog post was written in September 2015, but for some reason, I kept putting off posting it until now.

Now feels like the right time and it also ties in with my recent newsletter and Bow Times "On Aging" Article about "Faith". So, here you go!

On my vacation this past August (2015), I brought the usual assortment of books with me. I find that I always have several going at all times. I try to limit the starting of a new book until I finish one of the many already under way, but that doesn’t always work as a fun new topic or title catches my eye and draws me in.

This time, it was an interesting mix of viewpoints. It surely had to be divine inspiration that would have me read any of these books, much less all of them in the same week. Here’s a short book report of each to paint you a picture.

*    My quid pro quo going into this is that I am a Spiritual Teacher, however, I try to stay away from being too Spiritual and/or Woo-Woo in my community projection (writings, postings and speaking engagements) as I believe we should all formulate our own views and not try to force our views on others. With that said, please take this write up as a mere observation of these books and how I perceived them. I wish you no swaying and I certainly am not trying to open up any cans of worms…

Okay, here goes!

1.      The Tibetan Book of the Dead, Edited by John Baldock

2.      God’s Message to the World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong, by Neale Donald Walsch

3.      You’ll Get Through This: Hope and Help for Your Turbulent Times, by Max Lucas

4.      Archangels & Ascended Masters, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D

 I know, just looking at the list makes you go – say what?! I’m not sure I want to read on… Or, Oh, this should be interesting! Either way, bear with me. I have no idea why I would read these books all in conjunction, but I liken it to the day that I decided to take Sociology and Psychology in the same semester in college. It was not recommended, but strangely enough they all went together – and against each other – quite nicely.

 So, book one: The Tibetan Book of the Dead was assigned to me as summer reading for my Energy Healing course with The Deborah King Center. It focuses on the rituals and readings that ancient Tibetans believed should be read to dying or dead people to help them in their journey to what comes after this life.

 I found it to be difficult to read only in that it doesn’t really match up with my beliefs and some of the ancient commentary was a bit off-putting for a modern day lady. For example, at one point it suggests that if one wants to be reborn they should choose a male body as that is more desirable. Say what?!!

 It also described the stages that people pass through at the end of life and after death as a bit more hellish and testing of the spirit than I believe them to be. However, not having experienced it myself yet, I’ll have to wait and see how things really unfold. I’m okay with waiting.

Book Two: God’s Message to the World: You’ve Got Me All Wrong came to my attention this past June (2015) at the Celebrate Your Life (CYL) conference in Chicago, IL. The Author, Neale Donald Walsch, was a speaker there and I went to see him. Having not read any of his extremely famous Conversations With God books, the first of which was celebrating its 20th anniversary as was CYL, I was not sure what I was in for. I was pleasantly surprised. He’s an amazing guy and I was drawn to purchase this book when I returned home as it was the one that resonated most with me.

 I’ve always felt that no particular religion fit me right. I thought it was odd how they were all fighting for, and recruiting themselves as, the only right and true religion out there when some things about each just didn’t jive for me. This book did a good job of matching up how I feel about God and religion.

 Book Three:  You’ll Get Through This by Max Lucas was given to me by my cousin as a gift when we talked about the new business I had launched and my goal to help people cope with care giving, terminal illness and losing the ones that they love. He was right. I think it will help a lot of people. I plan to keep it on my list of books to direct people to when they are trying to figure things out.

 It is a particularly religious book. So, I will choose carefully who I recommend it to. It ties the story of Joseph in the Bible (which is one of my personal favorites) to modern day issues that we all stand a chance of facing. It gives hope and positive solutions along with words of wisdom. These are all things I like to see and offer to people. It does take a person of a certain religion and a very strong belief in that religion (in my opinion) to be able to make it through it. That is why I will choose carefully who I suggest it to so they have the most positive experience possible.

 Book FourArchangels & Ascended Masters, by Doreen Virtue, Ph.D was one I found through Hay House. I am a very big fan of theirs as I have found a lot of people and programs there that do resonate with me and my search for what I truly believe to be real spiritually for me.

This book is more of a who’s who of Archangels and Ascended Masters. After all, when you want your car fixed, you go to the mechanic; when you want your body fixed, you consult a medical professional; and so on. So, when you’re asking for help from the higher powers don’t you want to ask the right one for that help? I do. It was very interesting and it is a tool that I will keep handy so that as situations arise I can reference who I should be consulting with for higher guidance.

 I do have to say that my study into angels, Archangels and Ascended Masters has ruined my television watching as I now “know too much”. This is probably how true medical professionals and attorneys feel when they see the TV dramatized versions of their professions incorrectly portrayed. Oh well. Such is life.

I hope you found this light and informational versus swaying or preachy. I also hope that I may have peaked your interest in checking out one or two of these books. They all had their high points. Likewise, the varying positions on things were interesting to me as well.

 I have tried harder in recent years to look at my opinions on things and how I arrived at them. Generally it is through my own life experiences of what worked and felt right and what didn’t. This is how we learn and grow.

 Another way we learn and grow further is to then take a look at the other point of view and evaluate it. I find that by listening to the advocates for the things I didn’t initially favor I gain an appreciation and understanding for them. This gives me a broader perspective and better enables me to help the people I serve. I hope you will consider doing the same. Likewise, if you read any of these books, I welcome your input and opinions on them. Again, I’m not looking to argue religious points, and I am not looking to be sold or converted either, so please take that into account when you reach out.

 Until we talk again, may your God bless and keep you!

Body Language

Okay, so to continue the theme of the previous 2 blogs, today we will cover body language. Why? Because it goes directly along with HOW you say what you say and boy does it matter!

You can say “I really love your hair” to someone, which sounds like a compliment. However, if you say it in an insincere tone of voice and have your arms crossed and are looking away from them, then you sent a very different message. If you are looking at them directly, smiling and standing in an open posture, the message comes across as the true compliment you would expect it to be.

Why do I bring this up to you? Well, it’s because in this world where everyone has an 8 second attention span and is very distracted and mostly not actively listening, much less participating in the conversation genuinely, our bodies give that away for us. This is frustrating to us when trying to convey an important message and it is important to those who wish to convey something important to us.

Being a good communicator means using everything you have to work in conjunction to reach the other person and to let them know they have reached you. People do still value real live interaction with other people. They just receive much less of it these days.

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HOW I Say, what I say Matters as well!

So, in the last blog post we talked about how having the confidence to express yourself does make a difference. Likewise, HOW you say what you have to say matters as well.

How you say what you say truly matters. For example, people are turned off by certain delivery methods and so are less likely to listen. Also, the setting you are in, your perceived social status in that setting and your comfort level in speaking up will have an impact as well.

Let’s start with your delivery method (which is likely not the problem anyway). If you are coming across as angry, over the top, or mean or threatening, people will be less likely to want to listen. Nobody likes a bully or a really negative person.


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What I say Matters

Have you ever felt you had something important to say and it seemed like nobody was listening?

Have you ever had something fun, yet insignificant to say and it seemed like nobody was listening?

Have you ever felt like your voice just doesn’t get heard? Like what you have to say may not be important after all so why bother?

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A Message from Spirit

Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!

Whether you celebrate any holiday or none at this time of year, Spirit has an important, special and loving message for you. Please read on…

You ask: “Donna, how would you know what spirit wants us to know?” Well, the answer is simple. I am a “Spiritual Teacher” and spirit has activated certain gifts within me (and many others too, actually anyone can receive messages from spirit, you simply have to be open to receiving them). I am a psychic and a medium. That means I know things (psychic) that defy explanation of how or why I know them. And, the medium piece is that I am essentially the middle person through whom messages come. For me, they come from spirit, through me, to you!

Okay back to the important task at hand – what does “Spirit” want you to know?

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Having it All

The strength of one can be the strength of many or even all, but we cut ourselves off at the knees.

This summer, while enjoying a sunny day at the beach with one of my most beautiful friends – in looks and more importantly in INNER beauty, this topic randomly came up, in a way.

We were talking about a younger female we know, about her struggles in life (we all have them) and she said to me “is she prettier than these other girls?” Which took me aback at first, not drawing the connection right away. 

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I have a Dream…

A friend asked me this morning what I really want, in a nutshell, to accomplish with my business. Initially, I told him that I want to make the hard things easier – to help people with the tough parts of life that no one wants to talk about, but everyone faces. (I call these “The Eventuals of Life” TM)

A little further into our discussion, realizing that he too speaks my language, that I could tell him the real truth and my hearts deepest desire, I was able to share with him that what I really want is for people to not fear death. In my view, if we stop fearing death and looking at it from the standpoint of what we lose and instead change the focus to the larger picture, all of the things we take issue with and fear disappear.

What do I mean by this, you ask? 

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Peace & Calm

Where is your place of peace and calm?

Is it a physical place, or a place in your mind? Do you have both?

What does it look like? How does it feel? Can you easily describe it or are you yet to even find it?

What brings me to ask this? Well, you see, I know my place of peace and calm well. It’s a place at the beach in Maine. I’m not sure if it’s the quality of the air, the fact that I have no pressures on me or that time seems to stand beautifully still and be full of all good things when I’m there that I love most about it. It cast its spell on me over 20 years ago. I’m still drawn to go there as often as I am able and I aspire to be able to move there full time when the time is right.

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How May I Serve?

I have come to the place in my life where each and every morning I start my day by turning to the higher power and asking “How May I Serve?” Today’s answer was to write this blog exactly about this practice and what it means as there are so very many people who do not know or understand this concept but are doing just that each and every day.

Most people when they wake up get out of bed and go about their daily routine. They get ready, have breakfast, maybe coffee and they head off to “work”. Most often this “work” is their way of serving. However, because it is their job or vocation they do not see it as service. Really though most of what you do each and every day is being of service.

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Step into the Light - You are a Gift to the World

This is what the Grace Card that I just pulled says on it.

What is a Grace Card, you ask? Well, it’s like a tarot or oracle deck of cards. They are actually very popular these days in the circles that I am in. The Grace Card deck is by Cheryl Richardson (she’s a NY Times best-selling author, look her up if you are not familiar. You’ll be glad you did!). Many of the Spiritual Teachers and more “open” people have come out with their own decks of cards these days.  I have several decks from John Holland, the psychic medium. Each deck has a different theme, with the idea of inspiring or helping you with a particular purpose. Some are quite general and others are more focused.

The idea behind the decks is that you turn to them for guidance when you are feeling lost or challenged. For example, I have recently been struggling with how to be more visible so that I can reach and help more people with my business. I know that I have already reached and helped a lot of people, but I also can feel that there are so many more that need the help and services that I offer. 

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I Can See Clearly Now – A book report of sorts

Have you read the book by Dr. Wayne Dyer as titled above? If not, I recommend that you do. I just finished it myself. Personally, I haven’t found a book of his yet that was not profound, enlightening and all around delightful.

Reading this book he takes you on a journey of a variety of his memories from throughout his life and ties them in to how he can now see that they were lessons for him along the way. I have often felt this way about my diverse work experiences. Somehow they all brought me to be where I am today. They all add value to my “bag of tricks” from which I can draw to best serve my clients.

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Time, Our most Precious Gift

Today, I’m inspired to write about our most precious gift, which is typically said to be time, but I beg to differ with that a bit. I believe that love is our most precious gift. The love we have for others, the love they have for us and perhaps most importantly, the love we have for ourselves.

So, why did I title it Time, and not love as our most precious gift? I have no idea.  I guess it is because the two tend to go hand in hand, and the cliché saying is what lured me in here as well.

Time is precious. Time spent appreciating the love in our lives is time very well spent. 

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So, here I am in between acceptance and coping in my “Coming to Terms with Terminal Illness” class. This past week I taught about acceptance: wishing for miracles and then coming to acceptance. Next I sit down to write the course for this week on Coping and Making the best of it for THEM. Wow, what a surreal place to sit given that I just received news of the passing of a dear family friend.

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When someone opens a door for you aren’t you surprised these days? Do you immediately smile and say thank you?! I do. I was raised that you hold the door for the person you see coming either in front of or behind you. What ever happened to that training? Did our generation fail to pass that on? If we did, shame on us!


It really isn’t difficult to do simple things to show each other kindness and to make things easier and happier for each other. A smile is usually all that is required. A wave and a smile as you walk or drive past someone, a nod of the head with a smile even, is a simple and kind gesture that spreads happiness. It’s true, try it out. I have and it really is contagious.

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Okay, I know you’re all thinking… here she goes again – off on her “woo-woo train”. But no! That is not the type of afterlife I want to talk about here with you today.

The afterlife I want to talk about is your own. Right here. Right now.

You begin again right now, here, today...In this very moment. Hit the reset button. Pause, then take a deep, slow breath in. Now…

What does your afterlife look like?

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Reality is the word I was given to write about today. It sounded like an easy enough assignment to begin with, but as I sat down to write this I realized it was much more difficult than I had initially thought.

What is your reality? This is hard to absorb. It seems to be changing at all times. Our feelings influence it as well. Plus, our perception skews it. Does that mean reality is illusive? Or that we prefer to be in other places than reality?

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It’s no surprise that I would want to blog about counting your blessing at this time of year. Actually, I’m a big proponent of counting them all of the time. Being in a state of Gratitude is so very important to our overall wellbeing. After all, if we don’t appreciate what we have, who will?

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Family and the Holidays

As the holiday’s approach and we start to spend more time with our friends and families, we tend to notice the subtle – or not so subtle – changes they may be experiencing. When this happens we start to get concerned and wonder what, if anything, we can and should be doing to help them.

Sometimes the easiest answers, and a great short term solution, can be to see about having some help come in to their home. 

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