How May I Serve?

I have come to the place in my life where each and every morning I start my day by turning to the higher power and asking “How May I Serve?” Today’s answer was to write this blog exactly about this practice and what it means as there are so very many people who do not know or understand this concept but are doing just that each and every day.

Most people when they wake up get out of bed and go about their daily routine. They get ready, have breakfast, maybe coffee and they head off to “work”. Most often this “work” is their way of serving. However, because it is their job or vocation they do not see it as service. Really though most of what you do each and every day is being of service. You are of service to your company, to your customers, to your coworkers, to your family and your friends. Even to random people you pass on the street.

You do your job, and hopefully you do it to the best of your abilities. All the while you are making a difference in the world and serving others.

Service is not something to be looked down upon. Rather, it is something to be proud of and inspired by. Those who serve the best do it because they really want to make a difference and they see the value in what they do and who they help.

You may say, I work in accounting, I don’t help anyone, I keep the books. Well, you do help people. If you didn’t keep the books to the best of your abilities and do it correctly with detail and focus and the bottom line in mind your business would suffer. All of the people who work for and are served by your business would suffer. So, you see, we all serve in one way or another. We are all part of something much greater and more special than we realize. Each cog in the wheel helps the overall greater good move forward.

Be proud of who you are and what you do. If it weren’t for you an important piece of the puzzle would be missing!

Thank you for serving to the best of your abilities each and every day. Thank you for doing your part and making a difference for all of us.

Tomorrow morning when you get up, may you have a new sparkle in your eye and a new spring in your step and may you serve happily from a place of peace.

You might ask, why do I ask “How may I serve?” before I start my day. Well, that is because I am a Spiritual Teacher. My job is to educate and inspire others. So, I need a bit of direction with which way to go about that. Source (one of my words for the higher power, you may call God or Allah or The Divine Goddess or any number of other names) is my boss, my director, who I answer to, who I aim to please and assist on a daily basis. Therefore, my daily direction comes from there. My way to communicate with Source is to ask directly and then wait for the answer. So, it’s a version of prayer, I suppose. I consider it part of who and how I am. I speak with Source all day, every day.

If you have lots of thoughts in your head all day long and it feels like you are having conversations with yourself up there (many people view this as the thinking process), then you are likely doing the same or a similar thing as well. You could also be speaking to your Higher Self.

What is your Higher Self? Each of us has a higher part of our selves that is in the spirit realm, but is always reachable to us. All we have to do is reach out with a thought and that conversation happens all right there in our head. Our Higher Self is the part of our spirit that is still in and connected to the spirit realm. It’s who we were before we came into this life and who we will go back to being when we pass. It is a part of us that is always there with us no matter what. So, you see, you really are never alone. You always have your connection to spirit and your own higher self.

You may also communicate directly with Source and ask how you may serve each day. You will likely be pleasantly surprised by the answers you receive. It could be to take the day off, to visit your loved one that you have been thinking about but feel too busy to go see. Sometimes the service is related to your work, sometimes it is related to your own need for growth, healing or relaxation.

Source gives many gifts. We often don’t view them as gifts, or we discount that the message is really coming from Source. Instead we think it must be some wild idea from our own head or Ego because the conditioning of society tells us we can’t just take the day off, that’s foolish. We must work, work hard, accomplish things, go, go, go! Take a day off, relax, have fun and visit our favorite aunt? That’s ridiculous. No. It’s not. It’s what we all want and need to do sometimes and it is perfectly okay to do. Don’t believe me? Ask Source!

Until next time, take good care. I look forward to your feedback on this and to finding out what amazing things Source encourages you to do to Serve.