It’s no surprise that I would want to blog about counting your blessing at this time of year. Actually, I’m a big proponent of counting them all of the time. Being in a state of Gratitude is so very important to our overall wellbeing. After all, if we don’t appreciate what we have, who will? Also, how do we expect to get more?

Okay, let’s be clear, I’m not advocating using gratitude as a way to get more. I’m saying that when you truly appreciate what you have you realize that you don’t really even need more. You already have everything that you need.

You have the love of your family and friends, perhaps even the love of an amazing pet. You have your clothes and your home and your precious belongings and your gadgets. You have so very much! Have you stopped to take stock of all that you have? Have you noticed that perhaps you have too much?!

I have spent much of the past year cleaning out the WAY too much STUFF that we have! I have decided that our family is extremely blessed by many things and that it is time to share that and pass things on for others who have less to enjoy them instead. Things I thought I might sell have instead moved themselves into the give pile. Many trips to local organizations have been made and there is a pile left over for the upcoming spring yard sale done annually by the Boy Scouts in my home town to collect when they are ready.

I know this isn’t rocket science and that many of us do it regularly. However, I think we just do it and that we don’t stop to think about it and realize exactly what we are doing. So let’s just take a pause here and think about it….

How many of your blessings have you shared this past year? [and I don’t just mean stuff here…]

How many of your so very many blessings have you been thankful and grateful for this past year?

How many donations of time, talent or money have you made this past year?

Think about all of the great people you have come into contact with.

Think about all of the not-so-great people you have come into contact with too – they certainly do provide us with reasons to count our blessings, right? For example, when they are so miserable we can reflect on how awful things must be for them to be so ill tempered and acting out in such ways as they do. We can say, wow! My life is really good compared to that. Then, what we should do, but often don’t is send them love and appreciation for showing us how good we have it. After that we should send them some healing and loving thoughts to help them overcome their current situation so they can come to a better place where they can realize and appreciate all of the blessings in their life too. What comes around really does go around too. Let’s try to consciously send around the good!

Okay, that’s it. I’ve rambled on this one long enough.

Thank you all for being blessings in my life. Thank you for the contributions that you have made without even knowing it. May all of your good deeds come back on you tenfold and may you feel warmth and love in each and every moment.

Wishing you a beautiful and prosperous 2016! XO!