A Message from Spirit

Happiest of Holidays to you and yours!

Whether you celebrate any holiday or none at this time of year, Spirit has an important, special and loving message for you. Please read on…

You ask: “Donna, how would you know what spirit wants us to know?” Well, the answer is simple. I am a “Spiritual Teacher” and spirit has activated certain gifts within me (and many others too, actually anyone can receive messages from spirit, you simply have to be open to receiving them). I am a psychic and a medium. That means I know things (psychic) that defy explanation of how or why I know them. And, the medium piece is that I am essentially the middle person through whom messages come. For me, they come from spirit, through me, to you!

Okay back to the important task at hand – what does “Spirit” want you to know?

They know that this can be a very difficult and sad time of the year for people. There are several reasons for that. First, many of us have lost loved ones around this time of year and so we are reminded of this and it makes us sad, lonely and missing them and the joy we once shared together. Second, there are people we have lost at other times of the year that this time of year remind us of for the same reasons as before – we had wonderfully fun and loving times together and we miss that. We miss the physical connection and the fun and loving times.

Spirit wants you to know that you never really lose the ones you love!

Yes, I said you never really lose the ones you love.

Why? Because, love is the energy that connects us all. It can never be broken. The physical lives we live here are just a step along the way to our eternal life. So they were physically here and now they are not. Their “spirit” or soul and energy are still in existence. Just because you cannot physically “see” them anymore does not make them truly gone. You have felt them, you have heard them, you have smelled their cologne, perfume or favorite scent. You thought it was weird, but it made you smile and remember them. All of this happened for a reason. There are no coincidences.

That happens because they are letting you know they are still with you and thinking of you too.

There isn’t any important family event that they miss. They are at every single one of them. They are also with you at other random times. Like the time the person in front of you at the grocery store said that awful thing but you found it funny, because it made you think of them and they would have found it funny. Exactly! They were there with you then.

They are there with you now as you read this. How do I know? Because you are the reason they asked me to write this. If you weren’t you wouldn’t be reading it. You would have skipped it because something distracted you, interrupted you or turned you off so you moved on. This message is meant for you. You’re welcome. Don’t thank me. Thank them. I’m just the messenger! (The "medium" through which the message came to you).

You are loved more than you could ever know. They truly do love you for eternity, just like you do them.

So, as the holidays roll in and you think of them, smile. Raise your glass. Toast the love you share and thank them for always being with you. They are only ever a thought away. Every time you think of them, they are also thinking of you…with love and gratitude – always!

From spirit and I both, we wish you all the love and happiness you can muster this holiday season. May your days be filled with love and light each and every day throughout the coming year and all the days of your eternal life.

Much love,

Donna (& Spirit!!!)