What I say Matters

Have you ever felt you had something important to say and it seemed like nobody was listening?

Have you ever had something fun, yet insignificant to say and it seemed like nobody was listening?

Have you ever felt like your voice just doesn’t get heard? Like what you have to say may not be important after all so why bother?

Do others make you feel like whatever you say ends up not being that important or silly or unintelligent after all when you finally get to put a word in edgewise?

If so, at least part of your life lesson is what is commonly called “what I say matters.”

This is a marker in your hands that means part of what you are here to learn in this lifetime is that your voice does matter, you do have important things to say and that you need to continue to speak up and use your voice. The reason that it feels like everyone challenges you on this is because that is part of the deal. If they didn’t you wouldn’t feel the pain and the need to overcome this lesson.

People with this lesson, who don’t speak up or at least continue to try, typically end up with throat issues such as strep throat and/or laryngitis.  Instead of speaking up and using their voice, they swallow their feelings, or bury them and hold them in. Stuffing feelings of any sort will lead to dis-ease of some sort.

You can also tie this information, which is located in the map of your life in your hands with the chakra system. The second and fifth chakras are quite connected. The second chakra, which is the “Sacral Chakra” is about you and your relationship to others – your self-worth. The fifth chakra, which is located in the throat and also called the “Throat Chakra”, is about using your voice and speaking your truth. So, as you can see this life lesson is all about having the confidence in your self-worth to use your voice regardless of what others may think, say or do.

Now, all of this seems really easy when it is explained. However, when what you try to say is constantly undermined by the people around you it further insults your self-worth compounding the problem.

One way to get started on practicing using your voice in a non-threatening way is by writing. Write your feelings down in a story or simply in a journal. You will be surprised how quickly you start to feel better. This works because you are processing your thoughts and feelings rather than stuffing them. You are also growing your confidence to know that what you say does matter. Even if it only seems to matter to you that is a very good start indeed. As your confidence grows you will see that others do start to listen to you more. Why is this? Well, one reason is because your confidence in yourself and your self-worth will be growing. Others do notice your confidence level on at least a subconscious level whether any of you realize it outwardly or not. Likewise as your confidence grows and your belief in yourself and what you have to offer, the way in which you deliver your messages becomes more confident causing others to take notice and to be less likely to think they can undermine what you are saying and doing.

Also, How you say what you have to say matters as well. If you would like some help with this, I’d be happy to work with you. Just call me at 1-855-772-2622!