I have a Dream…

A friend asked me this morning what I really want, in a nutshell, to accomplish with my business. Initially, I told him that I want to make the hard things easier – to help people with the tough parts of life that no one wants to talk about, but everyone faces. (I call these “The Eventuals of Life” TM)

A little further into our discussion, realizing that he too speaks my language, that I could tell him the real truth and my hearts deepest desire, I was able to share with him that what I really want is for people to not fear death. In my view, if we stop fearing death and looking at it from the standpoint of what we lose and instead change the focus to the larger picture, all of the things we take issue with and fear disappear.

What do I mean by this, you ask? Well, I mean, if we look at death as not being a final termination point where the great severing of who we are and what we mean to each other happens, but rather as another step in our greater journey, then we realize what happens here and now is not so final. It’s not so tragic.

Let me break it into pieces for you.

When we, or rather our physical bodies, die our spirit or soul goes back to where we came from. From that place we are still connected to our loved ones. Sure, we don’t see, feel and touch them as we did when they were in physical bodies with us, but they are still there and we can still connect to them, we just need to be open to learning how to do that.

The largest part of fearing death comes from the fear of separating from our loved ones. When you realize that you don’t really ever separate from them you lose the fear.

When the fear is gone, you change how you look at things. You go from focusing on your sorrow and impending loss and you can focus on making the most of the time you have here with them now.

When you focus on quality of time, or quality of life, you have shifted your perspective and everything you experience is different.

This is the change I want to help people make.


a world where we don’t fear death…

a world where we honor our lives and those of others…

a world where we realize what we do here does matter in the larger sense – not from a heaven or hell perspective but from a continuation of our own soul and greater good of all souls perspective.


Really, if you think about it, if this is one step on the path of many lives in many places and many times, you look at this one part of the picture entirely differently. If you look at what you do in this life as truly mattering and impacting all of those around you, you would never hurt anyone else.

We are all connected. What we do to each other and for each other matters.

When more of us wake up and become conscious of this the world will change. The unnecessary violence that plagues our TVs and larger cities will begin to lessen and eventually go away.

The problem is that many people are only focused on themselves and what they want in any particular moment. The negativity breeds more negativity and contempt. They are all afraid of something and acting out accordingly.

When you realize we are all connected and you come from a place of love for everyone else you cannot hurt them. You want to help them.

So, this is what I mean by, if we stop fearing death and start embracing the larger picture everything changes. I want to help raise the planetary consciousness for the benefit of all. I see the first step in this for me as being helping people get over their fear of death.

This is one thing I do in my business to help my clients strengthen their relationships and strengthen themselves. When they work on this, they change the outcomes of the time they have left here with their loved ones. They also change their view on dying and what comes after. This enables people to have quality and love in their remaining time here and to have a more peaceful passing because they no longer fear what comes next but are open to the experience and what comes next for them.

Their loved ones can let go of them easier and know that they are okay and that one day they too will be back with their loved ones and the whole thing will continue again and again. We are in a continuous process of growth and experience. This life here is just one lesson of many. It is one step on the path, not the whole one-time deal.

So, what I want, what my dream is, is for us to let go of the fear and embrace what we have right now. Make the most of the here and now, it’s really all we have!