5 Week Advocacy Teleseminar

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5 Week Advocacy Teleseminar


This is a 5 week online webinar course on Advocacy: How to best represent the ones we love.

In week one, we will cover: What is Advocacy? How do I best represent the one(s) I love as their advocate?

Week two will encompass asking the right questions and what questions to avoid.

Week three will cover your right to information and how to be sure you cover your bases so you can best represent your loved one(s).

Week four is on keeping perspective and respecting boundaries.

Week five is on research, understanding and how to handle the curve balls that will likely come your way. 

I look forward to you joining us! The goal is to record the calls so that if you are unable to attend you can still listen to the recording later on. There will also be Q&A time available at the end of each session at the very least, if not periodically throughout the calls, and weekly emails will come to you with the worksheet for the upcoming week.

Sign up now! I'm excited to get started.

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P.S. You will receive a confirmation email when you sign up, plus a more comprehensive email closer to the time of the event with specific sign in details. 

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