Covering the Basics...not sure where to start? Start here!

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Covering the Basics...not sure where to start? Start here!

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Are you tired of sitting around wondering and waiting? Are you unsure of how and when to help your aging loved ones? Are you unsure of how to talk with them and approach the tricky subjects? Well, wait and wonder no more. Donna has the perfect solution for you.

For the low price of $298 you can now receive her Speaking for Them course on Advocacy and receive a free copy of her Coping with Care Giving program as well. That’s a $398 value for only $348. Plus, if you act within 30 days from the initial purchase you can receive her The Crisis Hits, Now What do I do?! program for 25% off its initial selling price of $598 (that brings it down to only $448.50).

In Speaking for Them you learn all about how to communicate with and on behalf of your loved one. You learn about what questions to ask and of whom and how to ask them. Plus you also learn which questions not to ask. The course also discusses advanced directives, HIPAA and other key topics relevant to successfully navigating the deep and foreign waters of advocating for your loved ones in their time of crisis.

In Coping with Care Giving you learn about ways to take the agony, duty and stress out of being a care giver for your loved one while trying to maintain your own life, career and sanity. It is full of great information to help you put things into perspective and focus on items that make your time together easier and more enjoyable. You also learn about options for getting help from others and what types of help to get from whom.

The Crisis Hits, Now What do I do?! Covers everything you need to know from when you first receive the telephone call that your loved one needs you to meet them at the hospital all the way through any potential rehabs, getting them successfully placed somewhere or taking them home and forging a plan for moving forward from there.

Donna is a pro at helping with all of this because she has lived it first hand in caring for her own parents. All of this practical and helpful information can be put into practice right away. It is geared toward getting your loved ones the best care and smoothest transitions possible, while taking care of your own needs as well. Let’s face it, when a crisis hits, we stop everything and jump in to help. It’s only later on when we are completely depleted and facing our own exhaustion and questionable health that we realize we shifted too much of our focus from what will truly help everyone. Instead we managed the crisis as best we could, but we forgot to manage our own interests as well.

Finding this balance is the hardest part. It is what working with Donna is all about. She is the one who can frankly and succinctly get you from point A to point B in the quickest time, with the least amount of worry and at a reasonable price.  So what are you waiting for? Let's get started!

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