Transitioning Your Parent or Loved One - 10 Week Online Teleseminar

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Transitioning Your Parent or Loved One - 10 Week Online Teleseminar



So you’ve noticed that things aren’t going so well at home for your loved one and you need to start thinking about alternative scenarios. This comprehensive class will take you from the initial assessment and research all the way through visits, evaluations, conversations and right up to the actual move.

This ten (10) week online webinar course covers:

Week one: We begin at the beginning, by figuring out where they are at so we know where to begin looking at options. What do I mean by where they are at? Well, I mean are they capable of living independently? Do they need Assisted Living? Specialized, Secure Memory Care? Or even a higher level of care than that? How much money do they have to be able to pay for it and so on.

Week two: Looking at Options.

Week three: Visiting Places. Where to look, what to ask, what to pay attention for, etc.

Week four:  How to speak with them about all of this.

Week five: Warming them up to the idea, to visit the options and to making the potential lifestyle change.

Week six:  Getting things in order

Week seven: Dealing with “stuff”

Week eight: Creating your plan, timeframe, etc.

Week nine: Handling the other people in our lives

Week ten: Lining up the move or other transition

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