How Do I Help?

Everyone has been asking me what my new business is all about, well here goes!

It's about helping others. "Service Above Self" as we say in Rotary. It's about taking the trying times of having loved ones in crisis and giving you ideas and help to make it through those tough times.

It's not about me being the one to come in and do it all for you. It's about me helping to empower you, your friends and family, and your loved one so you can make the most out of the challenging situation.

I can come and help coach you through it personally if you like, but of course that costs more! A lot more. ;D

All kidding aside, I've been where you are at - or very close to it. I know how difficult and stressful it can be. So, I've taken my experiences and those of thousands of other people I've helped over the years and created programs you can watch or listen to while you're sitting at the hospital bedside, your loved one's home, or really anywhere. They are geared toward letting you know what to expect and provide you with lists, tips and ideas to somehow pull it all off as best as you can.

Plus, I hope to create a community where we can gather together and support each other as well.

You're not alone. We're here to help.

That's what Donna Deos, LLC is all about!

Aren't you glad you asked?