Step into the Light - You are a Gift to the World

This is what the Grace Card that I just pulled says on it.

What is a Grace Card, you ask? Well, it’s like a tarot or oracle deck of cards. They are actually very popular these days in the circles that I am in. The Grace Card deck is by Cheryl Richardson (she’s a NY Times best-selling author, look her up if you are not familiar. You’ll be glad you did!). Many of the Spiritual Teachers and more “open” people have come out with their own decks of cards these days.  I have several decks from John Holland, the psychic medium. Each deck has a different theme, with the idea of inspiring or helping you with a particular purpose. Some are quite general and others are more focused.

The idea behind the decks is that you turn to them for guidance when you are feeling lost or challenged. For example, I have recently been struggling with how to be more visible so that I can reach and help more people with my business. I know that I have already reached and helped a lot of people, but I also can feel that there are so many more that need the help and services that I offer. 

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