I'm Glad There's You

Here's a poem that was given to me many years ago. It's on one of those little laminated greeting card things that you purchase at the card store. I was very touched when my friend gave it to me and I have kept it nearby all of these years. It is now time to share it with you!

It's by Bruce B. Wilmer

I hope you like it!

"When life around us bubbles

     In a most chaotic brew,

     I can say in words right from the heart

     I'm very glad there's you.

For in this wacky world of ours

     Through which we all are drifting

     Your influence is positive;

     Your manner is uplifting.

You add to life in your own way;

     You give when others borrow;

     You chase away the clouds

     And then predict a bright tomorrow.

Your outlook is refreshing;

     Life for you is never stale.

     You bring enthusiasm

     To each moment without fail.

Your energy gives life a boost - 

     Your cheerful manner, too.

     You give that rarest gift, yourself.

     I'm very glad there's you."

Thank you for being you! Thank you for being such a positive influence on those of us around you. You are much more of a blessing than you will ever know and we are grateful you are with us.


Love and Blessings,